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St Leonard's C.E. Primary School

"Enjoying Success"


Visitors Code of Conduct 

Visitors to the school are requested to read and understand the following rules

and regulations:

  • You must show appropriate identity to the reception staff who will initial the appropriate  column in the visitors books once they are satisfied with your identity and will issue you with a visitors badge which you must wear at all times during your visit
  • Regular visitors or those involved in ‘regulated activity’ must produce evidence of an enhanced DBS check.  (Regulated activity will include being unsupervised whilst being involved in activities with children or the possibility of being on your own with children during your visit. Regular visitor at St Leonard’s CE Primary School means more than once per half term)
  • Signing in confirms that you have read this code of conduct. Only sign in after you have read this.
  • Visitors should value and respect different racial origins, religions, cultures and language, and where a visit involves the discussion or promotion of religious beliefs these should promote tolerance, appreciation and respect for others including those of different faiths.
  • Use appropriate language and behaviour with children.
  • If you feel any way uncomfortable about the behaviour of a young person please

discuss this with the teacher and staff present.

  • Only use staff toilets and staff rooms.
  • No photographs may be taken at any time without the consent of the headteacher
  • Mobile Phones must not be used in any part of the school building or grounds  apart from in the designated area (staffroom)
  • Do not smoke on the school premises
  • Should you have concern about the safety or welfare of any child you MUST inform the Designated Lead for Child Protection (Details in reception)
  • In the event of first aid being required please contact a trained member of staff (Details in reception)
  • In the event of the fire alarm sounding you must leave the building in an orderly manner and follow instructions given by staff members.
  • At the conclusion of your visit you must hand in your visitor’s badge and record the time of your departure


Approved and adopted by Governors 10th FEBRUARY 2016