• Self-Control
  • Peace
  • Gentleness
  • Faithfulness
  • Goodness
  • Kindness
  • Patience
  • Joy
  • Love

St Leonard's C.E. Primary School

"Enjoying Success"


PE Trip to OWS

On Tuesday 5th October, year six visited Oldbury Wells school to take part in a Health and Wellbeing workshop. They were split into two groups and completed two different activities – one science and one fitness related. In the science session, the children tested different foods for starch, sugar and fat. It was really important that they wore safety goggles and followed the rules of the lab. In the physical session, they completed circuit exercises and practised important skills such as running, throwing, dribbling and shooting. For a healthy snack at playtime, they sampled a variety of toppings on natural yoghurt and took part in a healthy eating quiz. They had lots of fun and are looking forward to visiting again 😊 Thank you Oldbury Wells!


Forest School

In forest school over the last few weeks we have been orienteering, building our navigation, endurance and agility skills. ­­


In Science our topic is ‘Light’ and we made colour spinners.

6JB Have Been Making Anglo-Saxon Brooches In Art


In maths we have been practising estimating on a number line, before moving onto rounding .We played a game where we had to correctly match a number card to a place on the number line, verbally explaining why we had chosen to place it there to the rest of the group.

In maths, we enjoy solving problems, even when they’re tricky! 


6JB have enjoyed designing a bee garden and calculating the areas and perimeters of each part

Reading Week

We created our own beanstalk for reading week and illustrated what we would like to find at the top

We enjoyed taking part in the Reading Book Buffet


6JB’S topic in DT is Electrical Systems. Last lesson, we created switches.

School Council

6JB have been learning about British Values and have chosen Sophie and Oliver as their new School Councillors 😊


Police Cadets

Over the next five weeks, year six will be working with the local police to be trained as cadets. So far, they have learnt about the use of police radios, discussed DNA, dusted for fingerprints and stamped their own. They have been using their personal note pads to record and the phonetic alphabet

6JB have been working hard this week with the police to recap road safety.

Topic Lessons

In Topic lessons we have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons. We followed a recipe to make honey bread. It was delicious!

Anglo-Saxon Projects

6JB have been enjoying learning all about the Anglo-Saxons, here are some of their projects they have made at home


We have been learning about Materials for our new topic in Science

6JB enjoyed taking part in the clean water challenge, as part of our science topic


Our new topic in Science is the Circle of Life

Reindeer Dash

6JB really enjoyed the Reindeer Dash! Thankyou for all your thoughtful sponsorships 


Here is an example of an excellent recount


6JB are really looking forward to reading the chosen books for Bookfest



Take a look at our fantastic French! 


In RE we are learning about Judaism

OWS School Trip

As an assessment task in RE, we thought carefully about whether the world needed a messiah. Take a look at our thoughts. 

Making New Plants

Today in science we took stem cuttings from a geranium plant and leaves from a crassula sunset plant to make clones.

This is an artificial method of asexual reproduction.

We will look at these plants again in the coming weeks.

 What do you predict will happen to your plant cutting?

OWS Science Visit

6JB enjoyed making slime with Oldbury Wells as part of our science week! 


Bookfest Ceremony

Year 6 really enjoyed attending the Bookfest Award Ceremony at the Theatre Severn. Congratulations to all children for taking part, especially Charlie J and Freddy who were prize winners! 😊