• Self-Control
  • Peace
  • Gentleness
  • Faithfulness
  • Goodness
  • Kindness
  • Patience
  • Joy
  • Love

St Leonard's C.E. Primary School

"Enjoying Success"


Our first term in year one!





Here are our school councillors Isla and Ben!

Forest school!

We have enjoyed lots of fun activities in the Forest. Including: printing using leaves, making natural wreaths and getting very muddy and exploring mixing colours in the rain!


In music we have been exploring a range of pitch using the percussion instruments. We have loved making lots of noise!


We took part in the Art Big Draw and explored wellbeing through zentangle patterns and a splattered background based on our artist Jackson Pollock


Here are some of our masterpieces 


"We loved coming in and dressing as our favourite book character!"

Super science!

Our topic this term has been materials. We have explored a range of materials and their uses. We tested them by bending, twisting and shaping

Go Greener

Today to finish our ‘go greener’ week. We wore our green t-shirts to school to show our commitment to making the world a green, more economically sustainable place. Here is our list of children who walked to school every day this week and showed their commitment to climate change. Well done: Abbie, Evie, Jackson, Isla, Kaitlyn, Niamh, Jake, Alyssia and Sophie!


Today we walked around Forest School and collected a range of stick sizes. In class, we used a range of materials and made our own stick man

Rainforest Topic

Today we introduced our rainforest topic by looking at a range of artefacts. We shared a story called ‘Jose helps out’ and looked at a range of items in his school bag. We then looked at the Geographical location of Brazil and talked about the continent of South America and what it would be like to live there. We took in details of the flag and explored a range of rainforest musical instruments. We finally looked at some art work and pottery and looked at the range of spices deriving from the Amazon Rainforest

Maths Week

Today Year One were visited by Alison the Beekeeper. We linked our learning about the anatomy of bees with our maths objectives. As a group, we completed a hexagon shape hunt and pieced together the shapes to make a honeycomb shape. We also discussed the selling of honey and talked about weighing out measurements in grams.

Polar Region Experiment

Today we conducted our experiment all about the polar regions. We talked about how animals survive and adapt to their environment. As a class, we tested our hands with gloves on in icy water and imagined it was the Arctic sea! We then pretended we were polar bears and covered our gloves with blubber. We tested again to see how long we could survive in the arctic sea if we were a polar bear. We discussed our results and could see that the thick layer of blubber would keep us warm.